2024 - Doors in Floors - Louise Sheldon and Glen Baldridge
Ditch Projects, Springfield OR

March 16 – April 7th, 2024

Blurring the lines between the hidden depths of the unconscious and the mystical allure of unseen worlds, "Doors in Floors", featuring works by Glen Baldridge and Louise Sheldon, is an odyssey into the cryptic and the celestial. As gateways to clandestine worlds below, Baldridge's 'Trap Door' series reveals entry points to mysterious voids. He weaves a narrative of hidden truths and obscured realities, much like peeling back layers only to find more layers. His work is often enigmatic and dark, riddled with hidden text, echoing the idea that what we see can never be truly certain; wavering between pareidolic phantoms or intentionally obscured clues – a coherent paranoia.

Louise Sheldon's grommeted pieces, having spent months underfoot, embody a raw, unfiltered interaction with lived spaces. The scuffs and dirt are not mere blemishes but stories told by the material work itself. Adorned with spiral and floral patterns, her pieces evoke mystical portals, where we find ourselves in freefall, hurling through to a different dimension or state of consciousness. These artworks, while being portals in themselves, could also be seen as coverings for Baldridge's metaphysical trap doors, forming a nuanced and seemingly perfect intersection – a dance of concealment and revelation.

The exhibition represents a journey through the unknown. While Baldridge’s works hint at hidden depths and secret chambers of the mind, Sheldon offers a passage to somewhere mystical, somewhere otherworldly. Their combined narrative is a complex tapestry, weaving the subterranean with the supernatural, the seen with the unseen.

-Alex Dodge 2024